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Professional Security Services

Security Camera
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Uniformed Security

Supervisors & Security Officers

Front line security personnel are often required to interact with customers and the communities around them. Our professional officers are always supported by dedicated local management. We ensure direct communication between ourselves and clients to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion about how we can enhance retention rates & reduce turnover of security personnel.

Security Systems Installation

Technology Solutions

We provide up to date technology solutions to reduce security costs and increase security. Our installation services are supported by maintenance programs, remote, alarm monitoring and data storage centers.

Systems Integration services allow customers to take control and maximise the advantages of technology by bringing components together under a single overarching system of functional control.


Executive & VIP Services

Executive & Close Protection is Genric's founding service. We have a truly global network of protection teams and individuals.

Executive Protection services are delivered by experienced law enforcement and former military personnel, professionally qualified in: protection operations, advanced driving, medical life support, FPOS, covert surveillance and the use of firearms.

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Marijuana Security


Seed to Sale

Security Services

We have a unique & specialist knowledge of the Marijuana industry's security requirements. We provide all security services to the rapidly expanding Recreational & Medical Marijuana industry. We support cultivation, processing, dispensary and storage facilities. 

Services include license and application preparation, technology, security system overlays and installation services. We provide remote monitoring, off site data storage and transportation solutions for cash and product distribution.

We offer all security services for the complete 'SEED TO SALE' process.


Hostile Environments

Our qualified, specialist counter-terrorism professionals facilitate business focus and business continuity in Hostile Environments. Services include, Counter-terrorism surveys and strategies for facilities with elevated profiles and exposed operations, evacuation planning and emergency preparedness, environmental conditioning and pre-deployment training.

Contact us for a professional discussion about Counter-Terrorism planning.

Security Driver

Vetted, Trained & Monitored

We have permanent, local & bilingual, vetted, Security Trained Drivers throughout major cities of the world.

All of our transport services have multiple layers of security including operational planning, GPS tracking and back up functionality.

We provide all types of task appropriate vehicle from soft skinned sedans to fully armoured vehicles.

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Event Security

 Preparation Services

Are you looking for security for your next event?

Genric provides security for all types of event from concerts to jewellery showcases. Event security requires a great deal of security preparation. We coordinate detailed risk assessments and implement physical and technology solutions for access control, surveillance, crowd control, counter-terrorism and active shooter coordination with detailed operational planning.

We use off duty police officers and security officers to ensure the safety and security of organizers and attendees.

Security Assessments

Threat, Vulnerability & Risk

We conduct threat, vulnerability & risk assessments for all types of facility. Services include audits, physical security inspections, security system reviews, CT-PAT inspections, standard operating procedures and post orders development.

We help businesses identify deficiencies and opportunities for improving security standards by developing robust security infrastructures with up to date security technology and protocols.

We support new and developing businesses including international expansion activities.

Investigation & Surveillance

Business Intelligence

Genric investigators are experienced at conducting all types of workplace investigations including: substance abuse, theft, racism, sexual harassment employee relationships, workers comp and insurance fraud.

Our former law enforcement investigators use a variety of strategies and practices to protect businesses from scrutiny, reputation damage fraud and escalating accusations.

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